Photoshooting auf Schloss Pinnewitz (Ausschnitt)

Letzte Woche war ich mal wieder in Dresden für ein kreatives Projekt auf einem Schloss. Schloss Pinnewitz wäre tatsächlich beinah meine neue Heimat vor 3 Jahren geworden, wenn dort nicht so schlechtes Internet und es die zentralere Alternative meines Ateliers in Wittenberg gegeben hätte.  Mehr erfährst du auf PATREON zu diesem Shooting ab dem 13.09.21

Fotoshooting in Wittenberg, als Ballerina am Morgen und im kleinen Schwarzen am Abend

Crochet Bikini Shooting in Cuba

A teaser of the shooting with crochet bikinis in Cuba with Artfashionstudio. Do you also like jumping waves? On PATREON you will find all my stories, full resolution pictures and more insights there!Thank you for your support ❤

Thank you 2019 – for all the amazing shootings!

Here comes my “Thank you video” for 2019 Thank you 2019! Photos of my jobs as a MODEL  I am so thankful for all the amazing experience I could do this year!  Each shooting with one photo. For Shootingtrips there is still a lot I haven’t published yet. As a supporting PATREON you can choose what…

Night Shoot with dog Freya before Christmas

Here is a new photoserie we shot last week in Wittenberg. The whole serie of 22 pictures you can see on my PATREON PAGE Photographer: Atelier Photowerk Last week I also had a job at the “Lutherhaus” for painting kids. My costume and style as well the beautiful christmas decoration you can see here

Sailormoon on a ship

Ginger Rogers once said: “I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels!” so: do it backwards, on high heels and enjoy your freedom of being a superwoman dressed up as Sailormoon 🙂 somekind I felt like this on the last shootingtrip to Croatia. The dress was a bit too small for…

Winter Shooting Switzerland

5 outfits in 3 hours. Cold wind and 2 degrees in Switzerland. It is time for a cool, crazy shooting 😉 would you go for it? You can now support me on Patreon