Julies Colourful World (video)

ITFS Trailer 2013 : Film by Marc Zimmermann / Producer: Pablo Almeida
Bella Volen, Birgit Mörtl, Natasha Kudashkina, Einat Dan, ,Fredi Schmidt, Joana Bastos,
Yvonne Zonnenberg & Gareth Hughes, Josephine van Oers & Mel Broom,
Mike Shane, Anabel & John Vargas, Ramona Schlössinger, …

Emanuel van Holsten, Dmitri Moisseev,Bertrand ,Orsal, Matthias Lippstreu

World Bodypaintingfestival, LaDonna, Milano, NYC, Art Fashion Studio,..


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  1. Dima says:

    Fantastic video!!! Brings back so many great memories 🙂 Absolutely love sound track selection and how everything fits together! “You are what you are” and this is what makes you this amazing and unique person; there’s no other Julie like you on this planet 😉

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