Neue Stretch Shootings 

Hier ein paar letzte Tanzshootings Fotograf: Kay Ma // Digital Finearts Location: Stuttgart Here are some last dance shootings I did with different photographers

Bodypainting Adventures 2015 out now!

Calendar 2015 – here you can get it! „Bodypainting Adventures Calendar” brings together unique fusions of Bodyart, Fashion and female Beauty from around the world. Art Fashion Studio team traveled to exotic locations for working with top body painters and dancers to create this magical and mysterious world. Join us on this incredible journey! By…

Julies Colourful World (video)

ITFS Trailer 2013 : Film by Marc Zimmermann / Producer: Pablo Almeida Bodypainter: Bella Volen, Birgit Mörtl, Natasha Kudashkina, Einat Dan, ,Fredi Schmidt, Joana Bastos, Yvonne Zonnenberg & Gareth Hughes, Josephine van Oers & Mel Broom, Mike Shane, Anabel & John Vargas, Ramona Schlössinger, … Photographers: Emanuel van Holsten, Dmitri Moisseev,Bertrand ,Orsal, Matthias Lippstreu World…

Catwalk at LaDonna

This was my first catwalk at “LaDonna” for Philomena Christ 2010 ❤ in 2010 . Photos: Günter Hoststädter La Donna from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.