Drohne über Andalusien Workshop

Shooting in Stuttgart

Creative Makeup Workshop in Süd Korea

Makingof JAB Commercial

JAB Anstoetz Werbung 2015 (role: Dark Fairy)

Light Experiments with Epicscapes
[ w=900 h=506]

La Donna Catwalk 2011

Fete Blanche Schlumberger Elfe

Shootingtrip Mexiko 2013 with Art Fashion Studio

Worldbodypaintingfestival 2013 (Julie Boehm starts at 1:13)

Maskerade Performance Julie Boehm starts at 7:05

Worldbodypaintingfestival 2011 Julie is model at 1:42-2:08

Shooting makingof
Einat Dan

Bodypainting Shooting makingof “Smurfettes Blue Dream” 2014 ArtFashion Studio

Mexiko 2013 – Clip by Natasha Kudashkina

Body Paint “The Day of the Dead” Sugar Skull

Just dance

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